Looking for that home away from home to focus on your business, writing, or project management? We’ve curated a relaxing space for 15 women to call their work haven, right in the heart of Downtown Edmond next to great coffee, food, and shopping. The modern farmhouse glam space comes with a built in community – all of our neighbors are supportive and believe in helping each other grow. (To schedule a tour, fill out the appointment form on our booking page.)

Amenities: Make our address yours! Mail will be saved in your personal tote. | Printer/Scanner/Copier (black and white) | Kitchen nook with a microwave, fridge, and storage and provided cups, plates, napkins, cutlery, and free snacks, water, and lemonade | Coffee bar with Keurig, coffee pods, creamers and sugar | Storage closet | Utility closet | Restroom | Stationery bike, yoga mat, free weights (located in Utility closet) | Essential oil diffuser and meditation pillow (in Studio) | Ring light for photos/videos (in Studio), Extra monitor (located in lobby) | Professional development books (check out like you would the library, 2 weeks at a time.

Four rooms, many uses. Our multi-functional space is as functional as it is beautiful.

The Clara Lobby – named after civil rights activist Clara Looper. Entry shelf to showcase our Pop Up members’ merchandise, L shaped built in desk with a velvet office chair and also a glass top to use as a stand up desk, printer, antique French velvet chair, marble table and two chairs. Great natural light.

The Bell Studio – named after Bell Tuttle, Edmond’s first “hello girl” telephone operator. This windowless room is located behind a sliding barn door and is the perfect space for your phone or Zoom calls, going live on social, meditating (we even provide a pillow), or a one on one meeting or private work at our table for two or couch. Need to stretch or a quick yoga flow or fitness video? That’s cool, too. (We recommend The Fitness Marshall and Yoga with Adrienne.) This room is also available to book by the hour. Members may reserve it free of charge.

The Wildflower Parlour – “in a field of roses, be a wildflower”. We embrace individuality within community and wildflower aesthetic is overseen by Dolly, our Coop cow, named after none other than Dolly Parton. Our largest room is ideal for coworking, workshops, book club gatherings, or the hub for your next social event. Two windows provide natural light, and with two tables, a built in bench with stools, and a couch and two chairs, it’s a comfortable space for concentrating and celebrating.

The Ollie Chamber – named after Edmond’s first school teacher, Ollie McCormick in the 1889 Territorial Schoolhouse, which is still standing just down the street on 2nd. This meeting and conference room has one vintage white farm table with 6 chairs, but room for 8. White board provided. Our window looks out on the Evoke patio next door. Why not grab coffee before you get creative? Great room for brainstorming and retreats, or as extra seating for your special events at the Coop. Wine tastings, luncheons, the possibilities are endless. This room is also available to book by the hour. Members may reserve it free of charge.

Membership Levels

Perch: Regular benefits with full-time access, M-F, up to 40 hours per week plus extra storage. Three storage areas are available in the space, depending on one’s needs. $300/mo.

Peck Plus: Peck: Regular benefits with up to 20 hours of co-share working hours per week. Can include reservations of The Bell Studio and The Ollie Chamber, as available. $200/mo.

Peck: Regular benefits with up to 10 hours of co-share working hours per week. Can include reservations of The Bell Studio and The Ollie Chamber, as available. $99/mo.

Pop Up: Regular benefits plus use of the space for curbside and in office distribution and promotion of products with a featured display on a shelf in the lobby plus use of the space as a pop up shop 1-2 x per month. Additional pop ups can be scheduled at a discounted rate. Receive 2 posts per week on social media, as provided by the client for specials and features. $125/mo.

Drop-In ($25/day)

People interested in dropping in for the day can do so for a day rate, provided there is sufficient space. Contact us ahead of time for availability at or call or text 405-833-1126. Drop ins do not qualify for promotional benefits. 

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